The Ladee Foundation is involved in the following projects:

Training on Bookkeeping: Through our research we found that one of the primary reasons SHGs were unable to complete repeated cycles of borrowing was because its members were ill equipped to undertake tasks of managing money and bookkeeping. As a result the members were forced to depend on external support, which was usually scarce to manage the money borrowed and saved. The Ladee Foundation has developed easy to use accounting manuals to train women on the basics of accounting and managing money through easy story telling modules.

Sensitising Stakeholders: Completion of repeated cycles of borrowing would be facilitated by sensitising various stakeholders on the importance of grouping and saving through the self help group model. From our research we have found that the process of grouping is sometimes truncated by the biases held on by stakeholders on the effectiveness of the self help group model.  At the Ladee Foundation we are involved in conducting sensitisation drives with stakeholders on the importance of the SHG model and borrowing through groups.